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Here are some thoughts, some adventures, and other events in my life that have occurred. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Carter Atchison operates new pop-up art gallery in Madison, GA

Carter Atchison

Carter Atchison Trip to Barca

Carter Atchison Trip to Barcelona will be detailed soon. Completed a month-long study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain in January 2018. The program focused on the marketing differences between domestic and international companies. We visited many different local companies and even traveled to Valencia to get another experience of the Spanish business culture.

Carter Atchison

Carter Atchison Recycling

Carter Atchison Recycling Story at Wofford College will be written at a later date.

Work with Canva

I have really enjoyed my time working with Canva and wanted to share a collection of my favorite designs that I have been apart of.